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CAPA Information and Guidelines Training Package

Comprehensive Training Presentation, Accompanying Quiz and Example with Answer Key
Product Description

This training package features a comprehensive introduction to the CAPA (Corrective Action and Preventive Action) process.

This product addressed the following key concepts:

  • Introduction to CAPA
  • Definitions
  • Corrective Action Requirements
  • Preventive Action Requirements
  • Corrective and Preventive Action Examples
  • CAPA Implementation
  • Reasons for Initiating a CAPA
Includes:   Free Pro
Purchase Price   $0 $149
Short Summary Presentation (4 slides) PDF yes yes
CAPA Information and Guidelines (27 slides) Powerpoint no yes
Editable Training Presentation (27 slides) Powerpoint no yes
Training Attendance Sheet (1 page) Powerpoint no yes
Quiz with Answer Key (4 pages) Powerpoint no yes
Editable Quiz with Answer Key (4 pages) Powerpoint no yes
Optional 30 Minute Consultation with Subject Matter Expert (SME) Consultation no yes
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This estimate is based on our extensive experience creating these and other templates and procedures, as well as averages that we have observed across the industry.

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