Our equipment comes to you ready to use — fully operational and at a great price. Each rental/purchase comes with a 60 minute phone call with one of our SMEs for equipment orientation. You can purchase outright or rent on a weekly/monthly basis according to your needs.

We offer pieces of equipment individually, or you can take advantage or our Turnkey Toolkits for Data Logging, which are complete bundles to make your shopping experience easy — no need to individually add items to your cart, everything you should need to go from 0 to 60 is already included. The only extra you might need is pre- and post-calibration services, which we can provide separately. (Click here for more information on calibration).

Our rental terms are best in class:
  • A rental does not start until the day you receive your equipment and does not end until the day it leaves your facility.
  • An 8-day rental is a 2-week rental.

Contact us about our SOPs, protocols, and templates that go with each piece of equipment. We also offer individualized services and training for your company to help prepare, execute, or review/audit.

Our equipment is slightly used, as it is the same instrumentation that we use on our service teams. However, each item is maintained to the highest standard. We will work with you to make sure you are fully satisfied with your purchase/rental.

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