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Scott Panichelli, MBA
Program Manager

Kaye AVS Temp Logger

Product Description

The Kaye Validator AVS (Advanced Validation System) combines accurate sensor measurements with all GMP requirements for calibration and traceability to national standards, while generating compliant reports and managing the validated assets and validation equipment. The Validator AVS offers improved hardware features, an easy to use data handling concept and an intuitive, user-friendly software interface.

*Take advantage or our Turnkey Toolkit for Data Logging bundle which contains:
  • Kaye AVS Temperature Logger
  • 4 SIMs
  • Laptop with Uploaded Software
  • Thermocouple Wires
  • Transportation Case

This Toolkit with AVS Temperature Logger and all accessories is available for both purchase and rental -- please see prices below or request a custom quote for other requirements or individual equipment needs.

Purchase or Rental Option   Purchase Rent (Weekly)
Turnkey Toolkit Price   $20900 $990
Custom Equipment Quotation  

Contact for Pricing

Contact for Pricing

Also inquire as to these products and services that are available for purchase:  
Associated Documentation (Templates, Protocols, SOPs, etc.)   yes yes
Associated Services (Preparation, Execution, Review/Audit, etc.)   yes yes
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