Chamber Mapping and Qualification


The Kymanox team of validation experts is able to provide turnkey services for chamber mapping and qualification. From freezers to warehouses, we provide industry-leading, best-in-class services to ensure precision and accuracy are met with effective and efficient processes.

Kymanox services are provided for the following chambers and sizes:

Chamber Type:

  • Refrigerator/Freezer/Incubator
    • Large – over 50 cubic feet
    • Regular – 50 cubic feet and below
  • Warehouse
    • X-Large – over 10K square feet (custom quote)
    • Large – 751 to 10K square feet
    • Medium – 101 to 750 square feet
    • Small – 100 square feet and below

Service descriptions are as below:

Chamber Service Description:

  • Protocol – Kymanox will provide a protocol
  • Mapping Protocol – Kymanox will perform the mapping via protocol
  • Mapping Protocol Summary Report – Kymanox will perform above Mapping Protocol and provide a summary report
  • IOQ – Kymanox will perform above Mapping Protocol plus alarms, open door studies, installation specifics
  • IOQ Summary Report – Kymanox will perform above IOQ and provide a summary report

More information:

Controlled Temperature IOQ – This includes Installation and Operational Qualification of controlled temperature chambers (Refrigerators, Freezers, Incubators)

IOQ includes:


  • Documentation (SOPs, PM, Drawings, Manuals, etc.)
  • Calibration record of device used in OQ
  • Identification (Make, Model, Instrumentation listing)


  • Alarms (Low, high, etc.)
    • Open Door test
  • Power Loss/Recovery

Empty Chamber temperature mapping (one temp) – empty is worst case scenario

Note:  All PQ services, X-large warehouses, and volume executions can be generated as custom quotes which can be provided upon request by contacting us at at

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Travel Expenses will be calculated during the checkout process based on the table below (Min and Max Distances for Regions are calculated with a starting point of our global headquarters in RTP, NC USA)

Region Min Distance
(in Miles)
Max Distance
(in Miles)
Local 1 100 $0
Extended Local 101 250 $1000
East / Midwest for US / Canada 251 1000 $1500
West for US / Canada 1001 2500 $2000
Extended Distance 2501 - $2500