KymanoxNOW Program


Do you need a project done quickly? Will the estimated cost fall below $10,000? Want to avoid the contract administration that can bog down a project?

Your company and project may be the perfect candidate for our KymanoxNOW program.

KymanoxNOW allows you to:

  • Submit a project request informally to Kymanox senior leadership for review.
  • Get a quick turnaround on manpower, time to complete, and cost from our team.
  • Review and approve immediately the terms and conditions set forth by the KymanoxNOW program.
  • Remit payment using credits.
  • Get your project done!

We created this program to make things happen efficiently and effectively for clients. KymanoxNOW provides a way for all parties to maintain all legal aspects of a business relationship, but without the drawn-out contract process. Communication can be as informal as e-mail and turnaround time for requests is guaranteed within 24 hours.

Don’t just get your project DONE, get it DONE NOW.

To take advantage of the KymanoxNOW program, contact us via

When ready, place the proper amount of credits (1 credit = $1.00) in your cart for purchase (enter the number of credits for the dollar amount (i.e. 500 credits = $500.00 USD).

There are two levels of the KymanoxNOW program in terms of payment structure:

  • KymanoxNOW – entire payment due up front; projects usually in the range of $1,000.00 USD or less
  • KymanoxNOW&LATER – payment split between up-front (50%) and project completion (50%); projects usually in the range of $1,000.00 USD to $10,000.00 USD.
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