Return on Your Investment

Please use the calculator to the right to compute a total cost for creating and assembling a toolkit or document in-house or via a qualified contractor.

Enter the hours needed for the following tasks:

  • Research and Initial Draft (for example, 80 hours for a detailed toolkit)
  • Review / Revise / Approve (for example, 40 hours for a comprehensive training package)

Enter the hourly rate in dollars:

  • Labor Rate (for example, $100 per hour for a trained person who does CSV)

*Labor Rate is defined as the overall cost of one employee per hour (including pay rate and benefits), or the overall cost of one qualified contractor per hour.

This will provide a Total Calculated Cost.

Now enter:

  • Cost of Item on the KymanoxWORKS website (for example, $6,490.00 for the Device Development Basics Toolkit)
  • Available Hours Per Day (such as 8 hours)

*Available Hours Per Day refers to the number of hours a single resource has to work on the project per day.  8 hours assumes that the resource is fully dedicated to the project.

This will provide metrics for both Time Saved and Dollars Saved.

Effort Hours to Create This Item
Research & Initial Draft
Review / Revise / Approve
Labor Rate ($ Per Hour)
Total (Calculated) Cost:
Cost of Item ($)
ROI (> 1 is good)
Available Hours Per Day
Time Saved:
Dollars Saved: