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Nathan Cox
Process Engineering Manager

Technology Transfer Toolkit

Comprehensive suite of SOPS, templates, and checklists to help any organization navigate the technology transfer process.
Product Description

Undertaking a large tech transfer project? Need help getting started? Look no further!

Our Technology Transfer Toolkit Package is just the product you need to see your project through. This compilation of SOPs, templates, and checklists provides an easy-to-use package that can be integrated into any documentation system and used to aid any technology transfer from sender to to receiver sites.

Depending on which level you opt for, this package could contain:

  • A comprehensive Technology Transfer Standard Operating Procedure Template
  • A Risk Assessment Report Template
  • A Technology Transfer Master Plan Template with supporting sub-templates (*see below)
  • A Detailed Product and Process Description (DPPD) Template with supporting sub-templates (*see below)
  • Technology Transfer Final Report Template
  • Checklist for Technology Transfers
  • 30-minute conference call with a Kymanox SME to discuss the package contents and how best to implement
*Master Plan Sub-templates:
  • Experiment Protocol Template
  • Experiment Report Template
  • Method Transfer Plan
  • Method Transfer Report
  • Process Transfer Plan
  • Process Transfer Report
*DPPD Sub-templates:
  • Analytical Method Summary Table
  • Bill of Materials Template
  • Biologic Material Transfer Log Template
  • Equipment List Template
  • Process Characterization Matrix Template
  • Process Flow Diagram Template
  • Sampling Plan Template
  • Solution Formulation Template
TOOLKIT TYPE Free Standard Pro
Purchase Price $0 $199 $299
Short Summary Presentation (9 slides) PDF yes yes yes
Technology Transfer SOP (36 pages) Word yes yes yes
Risk Assessment Report Template (1 page) Excel no yes yes
Master Plan Template (19 pages) Word no yes yes
Master Plan Sub-templates (50 pages) Word no no yes
DPPD Template (15 pages) Word no yes yes
DPPD Sub-templates (22 pages) Word no no yes
Technology Transfer Final Report Template (3 pages) Word no yes yes
Checklist for Technology Transfers (5 pages) Word no yes yes
Optional 30 Minute Consultation with Subject Matter Expert (SME) Consultation no no yes
Return on Your Investment

Kymanox estimates that it would take a qualified contractor 120 hours (80+40) to complete the work included in this package.

This estimate is based on our extensive experience creating these and other templates and procedures, as well as averages that we have observed across the industry.

Please use the calculator at the right if you would like to see how your own calculations affect the dollars and time saved by purchasing our package. You can replace the numbers for "Effort Hours to Complete" as well as "Labor Rate" in order to see differences.

Labor Rate is defined as the overall cost of one employee per hour (including pay rate and benefits), or the overall cost of one qualified contractor per hour. Kymanox estimates this at $60/hour for a qualified contractor.

Available Hours Per Day refers to the number of hours a single resource has to work on the project per day.  8 hours assumes that the resource is fully dedicated to the project.

Effort Hours to Create This Package
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Review / Revise / Approve
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